Hooray Rosé! Wine Tasting



Wednesday, April 27th / 6:00 to 7:00PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Craig “Murph” Murphy, Indulge Department Manager


As the weather warms, the days get longer, & we gravitate more towards patios & the outdoors, rosé becomes the natural accompaniment. Indulge in this spring-time favorite & learn something new as we explore three delicious rosé wines from around the world! We’ll answer questions such as, “What’s the difference between rosé and blush? Are all rosés sweet? (NO!) Can rosé wine be fruity and not be sweet? How do they make rosé, and what determines the color?”

Each rosé will be paired with a carefully selected cheese and will be available for purchase after the class, should you find a new favorite!



Register for this tasting class

Seating is limited for this class so register in advance to reserve you & your party’s seats. Pay below or at Customer Service.

Hooray Rose Wine Tasting


Email Taylor at thebeet@ellwoodthompsons.com.

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