Cooking Classes with Edible Education: Spinach & Strawberries



Tuesday, April 26th // 6:00 – 7:30PM


The Beet at Ellwood Thompson’s


Edible Education™ founder Chef Ann Butler & Team


We’ve partnered with Edible Education™ to host a monthly cooking class for kids and their parents!

On the last Tuesday of each month, owner and founder Ann Butler and her team of chefs will teach a kid’s cooking class in The Beet.

“Ann’s goals and organization fit right into our goal to create a personal connection with our customers,” says Hood, who is on a mission to feed the heart and soul of his community through his commitment to selling and serving local and organic foods.

Butler says she’s thrilled to be teaming up with Ellwood Thompson’s Market.  “If kids get 50 hours of culinary education by the time they are 12, it’ll change the way they feel about food.  I have seen too many children think that Raman noodles and Red Bull are a complete meal.  I started my company with one idea in mind — if kids cut it, touch it, and taste it, they’ll eat meals that are not only yummy, but will keep them healthy for the rest of their lives.”

This Month’s Topic: Spinach & Strawberries

Kids and parents can BOTH sign up for these classes, and this month’s staple ingredients will be spinach & strawberries!  Kids will be cooking chia jam, spinach salad with strawberries and parents will be cooking spinach ricotta balls and strawberry ricotta bruschetta.  After each class, there will be a chance to purchase special child and parent “Cook it at home” bags with ingredients from the day’s classes.


$25 for kids // $45 for kids + parent

Register for class

Space is limited for this class so advance registration is required.

Sign up for the class here. Simply scroll to the class & time slot you prefer then click register!


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