The Truth Behind Food Labels with Dr. Anna Hristova



Wednesday, March 30th | 7:00 to 8:00PM | Advanced registration encouraged but not required


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Is what you eat safe?
Do you really eat what you think you are eating?
Are there items on food labels that are misleading?

Find the answers to these questions and more in an interactive lecture with Neurologist Dr. Anna Hristova (Dr. Ani).  Dr. Ani has extensive knowledge and experience on how food affects our lives and health.

Starting with a brief, powerful video introduction from world-renowned nutritionist and dietitian Jeff Novick, this lecture will cover common mistakes people make when assessing food and will provide knowledge on ingredients in food that are lesser known and detrimental to our health.  Uncover knowledge hidden on food labels and learn the red flags, warnings, and smart substitutions you can make to improve your health and lower your exposure to chemicals, pesticides, toxins and more through food.

About Dr. Ani

Dr. Ani is known to combine non-traditional with traditional methods of healing and adamantly works to bring you to greater health by implementing non-toxic and non-invasive solutions to health issues.  She takes the time to find the emotional roots of your symptoms before launching into any physical analysis, as she knows that sickness can feed on unprocessed emotional imbalances lingering in your system.  Dr. Ani has been quoted saying, “We need to treat the body, the soul and the spirit at the same time if we long for complete restoration of our health.”

Dr. Ani is an impressively trained individual with over 24 years of medical and neurological experience, spanning three continents and multiple degrees, honors and rewards.  We are lucky to have such a highly regarded doctor in the midst of RVA’s community.




This class is $10 and may be paid for at Customer Service prior to the event,  upon arrival for the event the day of, OR through PayPal below:

The Truth Behind Food Labels with Dr. Ani


Email or call 359-7525.

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