Vertical Tasting of Beaujolais Villages



Monday, March 21st / 6:00 to 7:00PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Craig “Murph” Murphy, Indulge Department Manager


For this month’s Indulge event, we’re taking you on a vertical tasting of Beaujolais Villages 2012-2013-2014!

Tasting the same varietal of wines from the same maker and the same vineyard, leaving the production year as the “single” variable, allows you to see how dramatic or subtle a wine changes from year to year.

You’ll learn how the weather conditions of each year affect how the wine will taste and how it can enhance the ageability of the wines, plus you’ll gain a better feel for the winery’s style and composition.



Register for this tasting class

Seating is limited for this class so register in advance to reserve you & your party’s seats. Pay below or at Customer Service.

Vertical Wine Tasting of Beaujolais Villages


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