6 Snowed in Tonics for Warmth & Relaxation

In light of the impending snow storm supposedly roaring it’s way towards Richmond, one of my favorite ways to spend a couple of days snowed in is by making warm, nourishing and delicious beverages and tonics to make the snowy experience more tolerable and cozy. Not only can these recipes be nourishing and full of nutrients, they can be so warming and balancing, and of course introduce you to some medicinal herbs you may not have though to put in your hot chocolate! If you like the look of some of these, scoot out to Ellwood Thompsons to stock up on some nut milks, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, maca, cocoa and shiitake mushrooms so you’re well prepared to experiment in the kitchen this weekend making your own herbal infused tonics!


10 Minute Cashew Maca Hot Chocolate – a delicious vegan take on hot chocolate with the powerful addition of maca to energize and support the endocrine system!

Chamomile & Turmeric Evening Tea – for when the sun goes down and you need some relaxation and revitalizing herbal infusions.

Golden Milk Cocoa – this classic hot chocolate is accompanied by both turmeric and ashwagandha for the ultimate building, sweet, nourishing and warming sweet treat for a snow day!

Golden Immune Broth – this is my own take on an immune building cross between a tea and broth. This is ideal to drink on it’s own, or use as a base for cooking whole grains!

Hot Buttered Fig & Rosemary Bourbon Cider – for if you’re in the mood for fancy herbal cocktails.

Cardamom Hot Chocolate – a simple twist on some classic hot chocolate. You can’t go wrong with cardamom!

Stocking Up:

Some of my favorite nut milks to experiment with include cashew, almond, coconut and hemp milks. You can certainly try making your own nut milks as well by checking out some variations.

Some of my favorite sweeteners to use in beverages include local raw honey, maple syrup and coconut palm sugar.

Some of my favorite warming spices for winter beverages include turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cumin.


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN | HealthCoach@EllwoodThompsons.com

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