POSTPONED // Self-care in the World of ‘iPad Hands’ & ‘Blackberry Thumbs’

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Wednesday, December 2nd | 7 to 8PM

POSTPONED, rescheduled 2016 date TBD!


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Samantha Anderson, CMT

Workshop Details

With 87% of the world population using some kind of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), its no wonder there’s an increase in carpal tunnel, repetitive use injuries, and general numbness & pain in our hands, neck, shoulders, arms and more!  Our constantly-connected society is tweeting, typing and texting ourselves into all kinds of ailments.

Samantha will show you the specific complications that can arise from our habits and explain the underlying causes.  Moreover, she will teach you valuable skills you can apply yourself to help your body cope with the constant use of cell phones and iPads.  These self-care techniques, including massage and stretches for our hands, necks & forearms, will help relieve physical tension we often don’t realize we’re even experiencing from our 21st century tech-lovin’ lifestyles.




This class is $5 and may be paid for at Customer Service

EVENT POSTPONED, rescheduled 2016 date TBD


Email Samatha or for assistance.

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