Go-To Holiday Stress Relief

When we take on a lot of extra responsibilities, people, cooking, and hosting gigs, this time of year has the potential to get a little overwhelming. Over the past 3 weeks, almost all of my health coaching appointments have centered around staying healthy, sane and happy in this upcoming holiday, and if there’s on thing I’m preaching all day every day – it’s practicing self care. Here are some of my tried and true practices and products that keep me and everyone I know grounded in the dizzying days that come with the holidays.


  1. Morning meditation: (10 minutes). Just a quick morning quiet time to set a good intention for the day, check in with my body and even jot down last night’s dreams.
  2. Evening bath + evening wind down: (30 minuets) Allowing this extra time to unwind before bed always makes for a more restful nights sleep for me, and tears me away from any extra work I may be doing too close to bed time.
  3. Mid-day afternoon tea (15 minutes) No matter how busy my day, I always have 15 minutes I can devote to turning off the phone and computer to sit and drink a rejuvenating cup of tea. This helps re-focus my attention, calm my mind down a bit, and nourish my body.
  4. Daily walk (20-45 minutes) Every day either at lunch time, or when I get home from work, I go one a nice long walk (with my dog of course) to get some fresh air, move my body and get a bit of exercise to counter a day of long sitting. Connecting and spending time with my pup is a big happy part of my day too!
  5. Evening meal (20-45 minutes) Most days of the week, we make a point to sit down and share a meal together to connect (and disconnect from everything else), share our day, talk about positive things, and savor a nourishing meal.


  1. Mindfulness coloring book. No joke, if I have an extra 15 minutes here and there during my day, this little exercise feels so good to take my mind off things, and focus on something beautiful, creative and meditative.
  2. Valentinas Protection Perfume Oil. This mixture of myrrh, frankincense and patchouli essential oils is a lovely blend that I rub on my temples for some grounding aromatherapy.
  3. Gaia Herbal Digest Tea. This is one my go-to easy herbal blends to help an overworked digestive tract from a bit too much heavy or savory holiday food. It also makes a great afternoon cup of tea!
  4. Aura Glow Rose Oil. This is favorite of mine of add to an evening bath for deep moisturizing and that hint of rose aromatherapy to help unwind for a busy day.

Make sure you’re allowing extra time in the coming weeks for self care and keeping yourself grounded, positive and joyful. Even just 20 minutes a day to re-set your focus and intention can make all the difference!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN | HealthCoach@EllwoodThompsons.com

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