Finding Balance!

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TUESDAY, November 17th | 7 to 8PM


The Beet at Ellwood’s


Mandi Love Galloway, Owner of RVA OCR & Linda Alexander, Owner of Iron & Oxygen Personal Training Studio

What to Expect

Join us as we debunk fitness and workout myths while sharing simple and successful fitness and nutrition tips for a healthy lifestyle balance.

Owner of Oxygen & Iron Personal Training Studio, Linda is a 30+ year veteran in the fitness industry. She’s a certified personal trainer through NSCA, one of the country’s leading personal training organizations, and has helped hundreds of clients attain their fitness goals by pushing them to their highest potential in a fun, safe and positive environment. Her passion and dedication to helping others is why she constantly challenges herself to stay abreast of the current fitness and health studies and trends. She is also a certified tennis professional, kettle bells and youth fitness specialist, and designs other sports-specific training programs. Lastly, she believes that in order to get your desired results, you must make fitness a part of your everyday lifestyle. She’s here to help you do just that!

Mandi, owner of RVA OCR has been an active Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athlete for the last several years and is currently the only female certified Spartan SGX Coach in Virginia! Her vision of RVA OCR is to build a supportive community of like-minded people who have a passion for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing and the environment in which we train, race, and live right here in the Richmond, Virginia, RVA Metro and surrounding areas.

Mandi specializes in strength training and conditioning and is focused on building relationships with each individual she trains, helping them set goals that are specific, measurable and attainable in order to help incorporate a healthy balance into our busy lives. She, like Linda, believes in providing safe and functional training methods in a supportive environment that challenge the mental and physical growth of each individual.




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