Free Health Screening & Posture Analysis


Wednesday, October 21st | 4 – 7PM


The Beet Café at Ellwood’s


River City Chiropractic Wellness

What to Expect

Posture is often the first indication of stress in the body.  If posture is out of balance, the spine is out of balance.  This imbalance puts unhealthy pressure on the nervous system,  which can in turn cause pain and disease.

Make a difference in your health today by joining us for a FREE Health Screening, provided by River City Chiropractic Wellness.  Participate in a Posture Analysis and learn how much the results can reveal about your overall health.

Transform your health by learning how chiropractic care can improve your posture by removing stress to your spine and nervous system and bring your body back into balance, resulting in an increased state of wellness.




First come first serve, but feel free to let us know you’ll be stopping by!  Assessments take about 15 minutes.


Email or for assistance.

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