Mid-Summer Recipe RoundUp

Now is the time of abundance. Gardens are overflowing with tomatoes, squash, chard, kale, okra, peppers, corn – you name it. Mid summer is a bountiful time for deliciously fresh meals… and it’s also REALLY hot. Around this time, I don’t always feel like standing in my non-air conditioned kitchen with a hot stove/oven pouring our more stagnant hot air, so I look for cooling, minimal cook recipes to keep both my body and my house cool. Here are some of my favorite recipes I’ve been trying lately:

Summer Veggie Burgers: I love a good veggie burger. This recipe utilizes tons of fresh summer produce to create some delicious, savory and hearty burgers (with the option to make your own buns, too!).

Garlic Ginger Collard Greens with Eggs and Feta: I had a similar version of this just this morning (only I used my abundance of chard in place of collards) and it’s DELICIOUS. An easy, relatively quick morning recipe for a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Sweet Pea and Pearl Onion Zucchini Noodles: So simple. So easy to prepare and perfect for the hot summer lunches or dinners!.

Asian Kale Salad: This is a wonderful way to incorporate lots of macrobiotics into one meal while also indulging in fresh kale and cabbage 🙂

Spicy Basil and Sweet Corn Succotash: This has almost all of my favorite summer goodies – corn, heirloom tomatoes, basil and garbanzo beans. Make aplenty of leftovers and tastes great warm or cold!.

Spicy Tai Coconut Ramen: Cooling coconut and cilantro balance the warmer spice of this delicious dish, Serve warm or room temp too!

And some beverages———-

Bloody Good Watermelon Juice: This is SO refreshing and an awesome way to use up those giant watermelons (and beets!). An easy way to stay hydrated while also getting extra nutrients 🙂

Herbal Summer Soother Tea: I put this one together a few weeks ago as an herbal cold-brew formula that’s also packed with minerals, vitamin C and bursting with flavor.

Water Kefir Sodas: if you haven’t tried these from Farmstead Ferments yet – they’re absolutely amazing!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN | HealthCoach@EllwoodThompsons.com

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