Keeping it Natural on the Trail


As a follow up to my “How to Successfully Disconnect” post from the other week, I wanted to elaborate on what I often pack up to get away when I go backpacking, camping, hiking or glamping (car camping). Even when I’m away for just a few days, I like to keep my staple food and good quality body care products with me in my pack if space and weight allow. Obviously, space can be limited if it’s a hike for a few days, so when I’m lucky enough to over pack a little, here’s what you’ll find in my pack:

  1. Sunscreen – Everywhere I go, I always have some with me. I use Badger primarily and I really really love their face sunscreen for every day use (even when I’m not camping).
  2. Toothpaste – Keeping it lightweight is easy with this Uncle Harry’s powdered toothpaste.
  3. Bug Spray – Again, I’m a huge fan of Badger’s bug spray and it works pretty darn well (although not against ticks. Bummer).
  4. First Aid – Mountain Rose is my go to for first aid balms like their Injur-Heal Balm and Comfrey Salve. It’s always better to have it on hand… just in case.
  5. Green’s Powder – Lightweight daily greens to mix with water in the morning. Those come in individual packets, or transfer some from the jar into a ziplock bag.
  6. Yes To Towelettes – Because when you’re sweating up a mountain all day, washing off your face/body in a crisp mountain stream isn’t always a feasible option.
  7. Lavender Essential Oil – Call me high maintenance, but this seriously helps drift off to sleep when the tent starts to collect unpleasant smells after a few days + the dog is joining us.
  8. Dry Shampoo – I usually just put a little of this in a small plastic bag and use after a couple of days go by without access to that elusive crisp mountain stream.
  9. KIND Nut Bars – For quick protein snacks on the trail.
  10. Organic Instant Coffee – Because that first sip of morning coffee when you’re camping is THE BEST feeling in the world.

All of these will find their way into my pack as I disconnect for a few days this week. As the beginning of summer is approaching, I knew it would be a good time to slip away and attend a retreat in southwestern VA centered on yoga, meditation, community and absolutely no phone, TV’s, radios or computers. A few days in a secluded mountain valley is usually what I crave all year long, so I’ve been looking forward to this disconnect trip for a while!


Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN |

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