Announcing: $10.10 Minimum Wage!


Ellwood Thompson’s announces a new minimum wage of $10.10 for full-time employees. We will be starting our full time employees at $10.10 per hour, $2.85 above the national average. All increases will take effect April 24th 2015.

We want our 130 employees to feel we make an investment in their future at ET, with continuous learning and development. We are particularly proud to say that both of our Store Managers and 2/3 of our Department Managers and Assistant Department Managers started with ET as hourly employees and were nurtured to the positions they have now.

Ellwood’s will not be raising prices of goods to pay for our wage increase.

While we realize this is the minimum wage rate that is currently being called for in congress, we have taken it upon ourselves to act proactively and increase our minimum wage.

Ellwood’s employees are the heart and soul of this small, local business and we want to offer them a higher quality of life. We want our employees to be able to better support their families and call Ellwood’s their home.

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