Introducing: Timbercreek Farm


Timbercreek Farm is dedicated to responsible agriculture that celebrates natural diversity and promotes ecological stewardship. Their method is based on the agricultural practices of the permaculture movement.

Unlike the monoculture abstractions that have replaced American farms, Timbercreek utilizes the complimentary interactions of species to benefit one another and the land. By farming in accordance with the wisdom of nature they are able to keep Timbercreek Farm pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, antibiotic, and hormone free.

Their animals are raised on healthy pasture in a stress-free environment. Their rotational grazing method keeps all of their stock on fresh grass while preventing the soil depletion and erosion common to “free-range” operations. The net result is a neighborhood friendly, sustainable system that continually renews the fertility of their farm.

Timbercreek Farm is focused on local.

They believe that local businesses are an important facet of a strong community and part and parcel to environmental conservation. Local businesses are run and staffed by people who have a vested interest in the future of our area. By relying on local businesses to provide the materials for their farm, they are investing their dollars in people who are accountable to our community. Buying local reduces the carbon footprint of their farm and allows them to be better educated about the environmental practices of  businesses we deal with and the origins of the products we buy. Their focus on local also means that their products are marketed exclusively to the Central Virginia area. They believe that they should provide the same accountability to their customers that they seek in their vendors.

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