Becoming a Fermentation Artist with Farmstead Ferments



Thursday, January 22nd / 6:00 to 8:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Room


Chelsea Wakstein of Farmstead Ferment’s

Farmstead Ferments creates raw, naturally-fermented foods and beverages made by hand in small batches featuring sustainably-grown, fresh ingredients procured from local farmers. Each jar is like a time capsule of seasonal bounty taken from the abundant harvest of the Virginia Piedmont, a region teeming with agricultural history, culture and modern day practice. This workshop will start you on the path to your own fermentation adventures!


Join us for a inspiring workshop on how to become a fermentation artist at home! Farmstead Ferment’s Chelsea Wakstein will lead a discussion on the history, culture, and health benefits of lactic acid fermentation. The class will focus on the practical application of vegetable fermentation techniques including the skills needed to make sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles.

Class attendees will have the opportunity to make sauerkraut to take home and will leave with the knowledge of how to experiment further in a home kitchen. Please bring a quart sized jar to the class so you can bring your kraut home with you. If you do not have a jar, we will have fermentation vessels for sale that you may purchase at the class.

Workshop Admission

$20 (includes sauerkraut attendees will make during the workshop)



Register for the Fermentation Workshop

Space is limited, so please register in advance. Register and pay online for the class below.

Fermentation Workshop


Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525 or email

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