*Rescheduled* CLEANSING: A Mental, Physical & Emotional Journey of Self-Discovery



Wednesday, January 14th / 6:00PM  Rescheduled due to inclement weather to Wednesday, January 21st / 6PM


Ellwood’s Community Room


Dr. Franklin Luke of River City Chiropractic Wellness


Are you gaining weight around your waistline?  Are you hungry between meals?  Is your eyesight getting blurry?  Do you suffer from poor circulation?  Are you waking up multiple times in the night?  A cleanse may help with these issues by rebooting you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Learn the basics of cleansing in a safe, healthy way from the professionals at River City Chiropractic Wellness and determine if a cleanse is what you need to give yourself a fresh start in the New Year!

All participants in this class will be entered to win a complimentary cleanse!


FREE (Please RSVP below for head count purposes)

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Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.

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