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Saturday, January 17th / 1:00 to 3:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Room


Stacy Hawkins Adams | “The first step toward your tomorrow begins today. Decide to invest in your dream. Gain the momentum you need to go from idea to finished manuscript. I’m eager to help you birth your dream.”

Stacy is a former journalist with 20+ years of professional writing experience. She is the author of one nonfiction book and eight women’s fiction novels, and pens a freelance parenting column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She has co-taught adjunct writing classes at the University of Richmond and leads workshops at writing conferences nationwide. Learn more about Stacy’s work here.


Turn your writing dreams into a reality in 2015 with this informal seminar for aspiring authors and those interested in exploring their love of writing. Join award-winning author and journalist Stacy Hawkins Adams in RVA for a “writers meetup” to receive tips and strategies that will help jumpstart your writing and make it compelling.

Learn why tell your story matters and how you can best craft it for:

  • Mass appeal (books, blogs, articles or essays)
  • Personal reasons (through journaling)
  • Small audiences (creating family history; sharing with friends)
This seminar is ideal for…

Beginning writers who are exploring whether and how to write. You will leave with tools for your journey and insight on how to move your projects forward. This two-hour class will focus on nonfiction writing; a future session will be scheduled for writers interested in penning fiction.


$40 (closes Thursday, January 15th)



Register for class

There is limited seating for this workshop so register ahead of time.

Register online here.


Call our customer service desk at 804-359-7525 or email Stacy at info@authorinyou.com.

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