Introduction to Ayurveda



Saturday Morning, December 6th / 10:30 to 11:30AM


Ellwood’s Community Room


In this workshop, Joanna will present Ayurveda as science of life which covers all areas of living healthily, happily and in harmony with the universe.  Based on these principles, Joanna will provide advice and guidelines as to how to adjust your life style to serve you best.  She will discuss the use of hot, cold, dry and damp to enhance our health rather then compromise it and present the concept of Dosha – fundamental types the knowledge which allows us to fine-tune diet, exercise, etc. to a persons specific needs.

The participants will have the opportunity to take a Dosha test and ask questions & learn how to use that information to gain better health.

Lead by

Joanna Highstein | Joanna has always been interested in various schools of healing and has hoped to be able to bring wholesome healing to those in need.  She completed a licence de Psychologie in the French University Rennes 2, in 2003.  She also studied energetic healing arts such as Reiki and Gin Shin and has completed the Foundations of herbalism at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, VA, and Dr. Frawley’s  Ayurvedic Healing course through the American Institute of Vedic studies in 2011. She continues to study various aspects of Chinese medicine all while completing prerequisites necessary to enter Western medical school.

Joanna believes that healing is a journey and that various healing traditions have different strengths. She is excited to draw from them to best serve the health and well-being of her clients!


$5 (pay at the door)

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