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In 2004, a study from the University of Arizona estimated that almost half of the food harvested in the United States goes to waste.
Earlier this year, the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a study that the estimated total value of food loss at the retail and consumer levels in the United States was $161.6 billion in 2010. The top three food groups in terms of share of total value of food loss were meat, poultry, and fish (30 percent, $48 billion); vegetables (19 percent, $30 billion); and dairyproducts (17 percent, $27 billion).
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council the average American family of four ends up throwing away the equivalent of up to $2,275 annually in food. See
According to the USDA:
  • More than 14 percent of U.S. households struggle to put enough food on the table — more than 48 million Americans including 16.2 million children.
  • More than one in five children is at risk of hunger.  Among African-American and Latinos, nearly one in three children is is at risk of hunger.
In 2013, the USDA released the following statistics about households that report indicators of food insecurity.

 Thanksgiving is the official start of the winter holiday season. Sharing food and dining with friends and family is a wonderful part of the many holiday celebrations in store this time of year.

This holiday season you may want challenge yourself to lower your food waste and help those who are hungry.  AZ Solutions has produced this great graphic on 8 steps to reduce your food waste.
 Please take a moment to review these easy steps.  Finally, if you want to do more to end hunger in your community and around the nation, go to the Society of St. Andrew. Their national headquarters is based in Big Island, Virginia. To learn how you can help visit their website.

Here’s to a blessed and less wasteful holiday season for all of us. 

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