Inspired Singles Series

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Tuesday Evenings in October // 6:30-8:35 PM

Join Denise Dolan’s Fall 2014 session of Inspired Dating, to reset your internal compass.

  • Effectively express yourself in ways that bring out the best in you, and in those around you
  • Learn how to express difficult thoughts and feelings 
  • Create safe ways to experience mutual understanding
  • Build trust even when you don’t agree
  • Stop second guessing yourself and boost your confidence easily and confidently
  • Communicate what you want
  • Reduce anxiety about how to communicate effectively even when you disagree
  • Improve the dynamics of all your relationships
  • Deepen trust in your relationships at home, school and/or work  
  • View conflict as an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding and trust
  • Have more fun in your relationships
  • Reignite chemistry in romantic relationships
  • Replace Tension with Harmony
  • Improve All of Your Relationship Dynamics

Denise’s Mindful Living and Relationship Coaching has helped countless people transform their relationships and their lives. Regardless of your age or life experience, Inspired Dating will give you the courage and skill to pursue a life of love and happiness.


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