Ingredients for Entrepreneurship: Creating & Growing a Shelf-Stable Brand

10.23.14 TAC Growing Food Brand


Thursday, October 23rd / 4:30 to 6:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Room

Presented By

The Apple Cart Company | Stephanie Ganz & Barb Upchurch

In 2010, Barb Upchurch and Stephanie Ganz met at a Richmond-based non-profit dedicated to helping people start small businesses. There, Barb was the Director of the Women’s Business Center, and Stephanie managed the Breadwinners program – a grant-funded initiative designed to help women create food-based businesses. The two were an instant match, sharing a love of food, travel, and enterprise development; and they’ve been working together ever since.

Barb Upchurch is a marketing maven and small-business guru. She has worked in marketing and small-business development for more than 20 years, and has 10 years of experience with artists, designers, and food entrepreneurs. Barb has helped hundreds of people launch and grow their businesses. Her secret is to give practical, everyday advice that she has learned from years of experience through her own company, Blueberry Marketing. Barb finds a way to see the humor in every situation, no matter how challenging. She uses her energy and enthusiasm to keep her audiences and clients motivated, while serving as a sounding board, resource, and cheerleader. Find out more about Barb at

​Stephanie Ganz is a classically-trained chef who spent seven years in fine dining before hanging up her chef whites for a job in the non-profit sector. She soon discovered that empowering people to develop their own food-based businesses was her true calling, and since then, she’s helped dozens of entrepreneurs make their way into the marketplace. As the first hire for mobile wood-fired catering company Pizza Tonight, Stephanie gained invaluable experience about what it takes to operate a mobile food business. For Stephanie, it’s all about the food. She’s witnessed how a quality product and a good story can be the beginning of a successful brand. Stephanie writes a regular food piece for and is a Slow Foods RVA board member. Read more about Stephanie at


In this workshop, Barb and Stephanie will address how to develop a brand based on developing a shelf-stable product for retail sale. They will also closely examine pricing strategies as they relate to competition and menu spread and make sure your packaging is reflective of your brand and your products to maximize sales. They show you the basics of creating a wholesale vs. retail pricing structure to make sure that you are profitable!

If you would like to strengthen your existing mobile food business, create or grow a wholesale line, or license your products; this workshop is for you. Learn how to increase your existing revenue streams so you can sell in multiple ways year round, regardless of the weather.



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