The Pros & Cons of GMO Labeling



Wednesday, October 1st / 7:00 to 8:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Room

Moderated by

Ellwood’s Food Advocate, Kirk Schroder


John Lewis | Director, Renew Richmond

Theodora Evadne | Community Activist

Lindsay Reames | Assistant Director of Government Relations, Virginia Farm Bureau

Katie Hellebush | Vice-President of Government Affairs, The Alliance Group Ltd


To kick-off non-GMO month, we are hosting a food policy discussion that will navigate the controversial pros & cons of labeling products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). Moderated by Kirk Schroder, Ellwood’s own Food Advocate, this distinguished panel of community and business leaders will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of GMO food product labeling. As a kick-off to non-GMO month and amidst increasing attention as states consider their own GMO-labeling policies, we invite you to experience the conversation first-hand in this timely and relevant dialogue. Regardless of your beliefs, knowledge of both positions will enable you to more strongly support your opinion and incite change in your community. We hope this event does just that!


FREE (We encourage you to register in advance)

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