Envision the James

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Wednesday, September 24th / 7:00 to 8:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Room

Presented by

The James River Association & Chesapeake Conservancy


The Envision The James initiative offers a unique opportunity to make your voice heard about how YOU want to see the legacy of the James River protected and enhanced. Through your active involvement, you can meet civic-minded people who share an interest in the future and who want to participate in creating innovative projects to make the community a more enjoyable and prosperous place to live, work, and explore. This initiative stems from common interests of the James River Association, Chesapeake Conservancy, and National Geographic to inspire new and enrich existing community conservation efforts on the James River through education, exploration, and community engagement and to develop a model that can be used on the Chesapeake Bay’s other great rivers. Envision The James is a collaborative initiative that invites communities and individuals to create a common vision for the James River to benefit present and future generations. The vision will respect the river as a community asset by identifying and promoting opportunities to enhance:

  • Heritage and river-based tourism
  • Recreational trails and river access
  • Conservation and restoration efforts
  • Wildlife habitat throughout the watershed

The Envision the James initiative aims to facilitate communications among citizens, organizations, and business leaders in the region, as well as those with special interest in or knowledge of the James River watershed. Leaders in each of these groups will participate as members of a Conservation Council, bringing together the expertise, ingenuity, and resources necessary to actualize a shared vision for the James.


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