SERIES // Raising a Family in a Toxic World

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Part 1 // Thursday, September 18th / 10:30am – Noon

Part 2 // Thursday, September 25th / 10:30am – Noon

Part 3 // Thursday, October 2nd / 10:30am – Noon

(Attend all or just one!)


Ellwood’s Community Room

Instructed by

Dr. Ron Herrsche & Mary Stefanik, M.S.


Raising a family in a toxic world is a struggle we all face daily. In this three part series Dr. Ron Herrsche and Mary Stefanik, M.S. will discuss important ways we can turn this tide.

Part 1 will focus on HOW WE EAT. How we can improve our diets to increase our energy, reduce brain fog, improve our health, and reduce our doctor bills. Dr. Herrsche will discuss managing our blood sugar levels, including hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and diabetes through our diet.

Part 2 will focus on AGE & EXERCISE, specifically why exercise is the number one predictor of healthy aging, how it changes the way we age, and decreases our likelihood of various diseases including depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Dr. Herrsche will discuss the importance of adrenal function and chronic fatigue as it relates to aging and exercise.

Part 3 will focus on PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER in our hectic lives- how to change when we are swimming upstream. Mary Stefanik will discuss practical self-coaching techniques from her personal experience as a busy mom of 2 and the experiences of her many clients. Dr. Herrsche will wrap up with a discussion of female hormone issues, managing and improving night sweats, weight gain, PMS and menopause.


$15 per class or $30 for all 3 classes!

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Raising Your Family in a Toxic World Series

Raising Your Family in a Toxic World Series

Raising Your Family in a Toxic World Series

Raising Your Family in a Toxic World Series


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