10 Practices for a Great Day

It’s always ideal to have a little arsenal of positive practices we can utilize once in a while to put a smile on our faces (or better even, someone else’s). It’s so easy to fall into the monotony of a day and live through it without really knowing what’s happening, remembering the conversations we have or the details that make the day special. I absolutely love giving people little tidbits of happiness that they can whip out every day to make their day brighter. As I’m sure you know, when you feel happy and smile and laugh, the whole body just feels better, doesn’t it? I’m a strong believer that our body’s are wired for bliss, and we often don’t utilize happiness and joy enough. It’s the little things, and the easy things that can make a day go from “OK”to “great”! Here are some of my favorites:

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  1. Make time for a delicious breakfast at least once a week. Have your favorite danish or pastry, fresh fruit from the market or indulge in your “hits the spot”cup of tea or coffee. Take enough time to savor the deliciousness of it all, and don’t feel too rushed while eating.
  2. Turn off email notifications/texts on your phone. Seriously, there’s plenty of research out there connecting email notifications with increased anxiety and stress. We all know we’ve got work to do. We don’t need that little reminder going off every 5 minutes.
  3. Compliment someone on something genuine, like “Hey, you handled that situation really well. Thanks for staying so calm about it.” Or, “That was an awesome idea! This makes the project so much better!”
  4. Take a deep breath at every red light. This is the ideal time to take a moment, calm yourself down and release some built up driving tension.
  5. Call (don’t text) someone you care about and tell them you love them or miss them. Catch up with an old friend you haven’t talked with in a while.
  6. Go outside for a walk. Enjoy the season, and find a new park or secret road to explore. Take the ear buds out while you’re at it. The birds are pretty.
  7. Clean out your desk, dresser, closet, inbox, fridge or pantry and re-stock with currently applicable things. De-cluttering feels AMAZING!
  8. Watch your favorite movie (or even go see a movie by yourself!). Bring your favorite snacks, too 🙂
  9. Plan out an ideal day. I mean I really perfect day, complete with activities, people, feelings you want to have and accomplishments you want to get done. Here’s a great Ideal Day Worksheet to help you plan it out and make it happen (from a favorite gal of mine at Braid Creative).
  10. Do something that brings you joy every single day. Pick up your old hobby (knitting, reading, journaling, dancing, playing your instrument, video gaming, jogging, yoga, meeting your girlfriends for coffee dates etc). Even if you have to schedule this time in your planner, make sure it happens!

There’s so much we can do every day to make the day better and make our body’s feel more vibrant, happy and full. Just pick one and get going!

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