Survival Guide to Stress

8.20.14 Survival Guide to Stress banner


Wednesday, August 20th / 6:00 to 7:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Dr. Franklin Luke of River City Chiropractic Wellness


Today, more than ever, we are hearing about the effect that emotional stress can have on the body.  Many people don’t understand the link between emotional stress and ulcers, heart disease, and headaches.  Similarly, emotional stress can result in nervous system imbalances and dysfunction causing chronic pain and conditions.

Learn how the body-mind interaction manifests itself as pressure on the spine. Except for major physical traumas, it is likely that almost all chronic conditions in the body occur as a result of a combination of physical, chemical, and emotional stresses upon the body.

Join us to learn powerful balancing strategies to overcome emotional stress and become healthier and happier.


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