JRGBC Luncheon Series: Smart Streets, Green Streets

8.20.14 JRGBC banner


August 20th  /  12:00 to 1:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Andy Boneau of Timmons Group


Walking and bicycling are the fundamental modes of human transport. Bicycling is the most efficient form of mobility, and arguably the most environmentally sustainable. Public agencies across the country have been investing in bicycle infrastructure to the point that bike lanes are no longer considered progressive. Bike infrastructure is now generally viewed as a vital community asset. Surveys consistently show that more people would ride bikes if they had (1) convenient and safe networks, and (2) reliable facilities at their destination.

LEED-ND offers opportunities to earn credits for bicycle networks and storage that also bring tangible benefits to the community. The lunch discussion will explore the important (and inseparable) relationship between bike accommodations inside and outside the public right-of-way.


$10 to JRGBC members / $25 to non-members



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There is limited seating, so please register in advance.

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Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.

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