A Love Story: Reconnecting with Fitness

7.30.14 Reconnecting w. Fitness banner


Wednesday, July 30th / 7:30 to 8:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Christopher Coleman

Chris is a Sports Medicine professional and Certified Personal Trainer with a degree from Averett University, where he was able to participate in college athletics and work under one of the leading movement specialist in the preventative medicine field. He has experience as a rehab technician where he worked along side Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists, and his professional experience varies from advanced strength and conditioning to low impact rehabilitation programs. He has most recently created the in-home fitness program to  create a training regimen that works for all fitness levels and that offers enough variety to accommodate anyone’s goals, from fat loss to muscle gain, that is user, budget, and time friendly!


Is your relationship with fitness on the rocks? Have you have fallen out of love with working out, or maybe you were never in love from the start?

Chris Coleman will help you rekindle your relationship with fitness in a manageable, obtainable way in this educational and interactive seminar! By giving you information on the importance of exercise and its importance to both health and injury prevention, you’ll get a feel for his unique perspective on at home training (and why you don’t need an expensive membership to a fancy gym to get fit!) Plus, participants will experience his techniques first-hand as you join in various exercises.

Chris asks that participants come in fitness attire and bring plenty of enthusiasm! (All levels are welcome & encouraged, and participation in physical activities is not required to attend and learn.)





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