Kids Yoga with Nitya

6.29.14 Kids Yoga Nitya - banner


Sunday, June 29th  /  10:30 to 11:30am


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Nitya-Lydia Griffith


Children ages 4 to 9 welcome!

In “Yoga with Nitya,” each class takes children on a yoga adventure where they explore the wonders of the natural world while learning fun poses to stretch their bodies, minds and imaginations. Nitya has created delightful and engaging original songs that hold the child’s focus in certain poses and enhance the class experience. The DVD was created and produced by local Richmond talents like Park Group, Rocket Pop Media, Marc Langelier of the band Rattlemouth, and the amazing talent of Emmy Award winning producer Roberta Oster Sachs of Oster Sachs Communications.

Nitya Griffith, considered a master at teaching kids yoga, has released her first “Yoga with Nitya” Kid’s  DVD, featuring four classes themed by the seasons. Nitya has been featured on Richmond’s Local Access Channel and WTVR Channel 6 Virginia This Morning. She has earned an impressive reputation and huge following over the past several years of teaching kids yoga in the Richmond Community. It has been proven that yoga for children helps them to be more focused, balanced, calm, body aware, healthy and less stressed. Nitya incorporates breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation as tools to teach children the importance of releasing anxiety and stress.





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There is limited seating/availability for all classes and events and you must register ahead of time.

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Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525.

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