Compost 101



Wednesday, April 23rd / 6:00 to 7:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Bruno Welsh, Compost Guru and Founder for Compost RVA

Bruno has been composting with businesses since 2007, where he started with the former 1 N. Belmont Restaurant. Compost RVA officially started in January of 2013. In its first month, Bruno presented a teaching idea to Feast RVA that involved teaching students about composting and creating a bin for them to practice and create compost. From this idea, he won the community grant. The grant was used to further Compost RVA’s teaching program, specifically the school teaching program. Currently, Compost RVA is also organizing a neighborhood door-to-door service, as well as a business pickup service.


Join us in the Community Room during the week of Earth Day for a full line-up environmentally friendly, Earth lovin’ events! This Wednesday’s covers all things compost, a.k.a., nature’s recycling.

Bruno believes that composting shouldn’t be difficult to understand, but so few of us know how it really works and its importance. With the goal of making composting as much an everyday part of your life as using the waste bin or brushing your teeth, Bruno will break it down for everyone in a fun, interesting and hands-on way (yes, healthy compost and soil examples will be present to “sample”!) Then comes the fun part of breaking down the science in a way that doesn’t send everyone running to the dictionary to understand. Bruno has put years of research and study into composting and finding applicable cases where we should be composting and will show you how to implement or improve your own home-composting endeavors.



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