Morel Mushroom Hunting in Virginia



Thursday, February 27th / 6:30 to 7:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Steve Haas, Owner of Steve Haas Mushrooms

Steve Haas and HaaShrooms Wild Mushroom Forays are the result of his love of the hunt and the opportunity to teach others his passion, offering guided forays worldwide with a focus on locating and positively identifying culinary and medicinal fungi. Steve Haas Mushrooms is among the most trusted sources for wildcrafted culinary and medicinal mushrooms, acting as a resource for regional mushroom hunters and a source for the culinary industry as well as the natural health and healing community.


The morel mushroom is the prized mushroom of the wild food forager! Virginia’s forests offer the perfect habitat for these culinary treasures of the woods.

Secret locations of the morel mushroom are rarely shared. Patches are treasured and passed on to family or very close friends.The trick to successful morel mushroom hunting is knowing when and where they may occur. This class is designed to give participants the skills necessary to find their own secret Morel Mushroom patch!


The cost is $40 and can be credited towards a private or group foray any time available during the 2014 Wild Mushroom season (season begins in early April and runs through early November).



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