CANCELLED // Non-Theistic Meditation



CANCELLED // Friday, February 21st / 6:00 to 7:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Michael Steeves, The Wellness Project

Michael Steeves first foray into the workforce was as a laborer and framer. Since leaving the construction industry  he has held many positions and attributes his success to the belief that hard work done in an intelligent fashion is better than simply working hard.

Michael has become a provider of health and wellness through asking questions, testing hypothesis and revising his perception accordingly. Challenge brings new such questions; in the middle of a successful maritime career, he rode his bicycle from hometown RVA to Florida for a job. He made it in record time but his body paid a price. Not one to give up his love of cycling and determined to do longer distances at faster paces, he invested in his education. With the support of a great job and friends, he took the next three years, hunkered down, and learned from the best massage therapists, personal trainers, coaches, yoga instructors and meditation instructors in the State of Florida.

Michael has since returned to Richmond in order to share, enjoy and create what he really cares about. He meditates daily, trains regularly and aspires to help all uncover greater wellness.


Compassion is a practice of opening ourselves to the world around us. Starting by building a healthier relationship with ourselves, we can lead a richer life and extend that richness into the world around us. Meditation, self-knowledge and a helpful community can enrich our lives and assist us in discovering more dignity. This group is about growing a stronger relationship with ourselves and cultivating greater dignity from such a foundation.





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