Surf Yoga



Sunday, February 9th

1:30 to 2:30PM & 3:00 to 4:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Michelle Lee | Shockoe Slip Yoga


Imagine combining the cardio benefits of cycling with the strength of TRX® suspension training and the fun of a Zumba class but all on surf board. In a yoga studio. Did we mention you’re on dry land? Each participant will use the unique SURFSET® yoga surfboard, seen here.

Shake up the way you look and the way you work out.  SURFSET® Fitness has created a fun, new, extreme surf-inspired yoga workout that mimics the movements of surfing without the water.  Surfers possess total body strength, from their long lean muscles to their strong core.  This Surf Yoga class will give you the tools to carve the surfer body you have always wanted by integrating balance, core strength, cardio, flexibility, agility & power, all while torching unwanted body fat in high intensity intervals. The program combines rotational core training with isometric movements to build a lean torso and gets the heart rate elevated with movements like Wave Runners, Shark Kicks, Duck Dives and of course, the signature surf move…the Pop-up.




There are only 10 boards for this class, so space is limited. Please register ahead of time.

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