CANCELLED / Quantified Self Meet-Up

quantifiedself 1.6.14


Monday, January 6th / 6:00 to 7:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Matthew C. Lee, MD, RPh, MS. | eLEETe PHYSICIANS


Do you consider yourself an active exercise adventurer or are you the type that simply likes to track what you do? Are you interested in empowering your personal training and learning about the Quantified Self? Join Dr. Matthew Lee for a conversation on self-tracking tools, gadgets and apps. Share your experiences with these self-tracking devices, including which ones have worked for you and what ones haven’t.

Unsure of the benefits of Quantified Self? Just as plan for retirement using IRAs, 401ks and the like, it can be helpful to plan your health in the same way so you can actually do all those things you eagerly anticipate. Just as how much you are (or aren’t) saving away to those retirement plans can be a predictor of your future financial state, self-tracking can be a predictor of your state of health when you retire.

The goal for this meet-up is to get feedback on other people’s tracking experiences, data tracked, devices and apps used in tracking. For those who are interested in tracking their exercise, what they eat, their moods, etc, learn where to start and what works best. Come to provide your input and learn more about these self-tracking tools from others and their experiences.





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