Understanding your Grandchild with Autism

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Saturday, November 16th / 12:30 to 2:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Zach Sisisky

After spending 13 years as an educator for students with disabilities, Zach Sisisky founded Richmond Autism Connection as a place where people on the autism spectrum, their families, and members of their communities could receive individualized support to meet their specific needs.

Zach Sisisky earned a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from The George Washington University.  He was formally trained in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis by the May Center for Early Childhood Development in Arlington, MA where he served as a lead teacher for two years. While teaching, he earned a Master Degree in Special Education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders from Fitchburg State University in 2003.

Zach Sisisky holds a Postgraduate Professional Teaching License and was a public educator for seven years serving middle and high school students with autism in their neighborhood schools. He has provided numerous trainings for teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators as a Low Incidence Teacher Mentor for Richmond City Public Schools. Further, he has taught and provided teacher and parent trainings about autism in Africa and throughout Asia.


Richmond Autism Connection presents Understanding your Grandchild with Autism

Autism is a complex disorder characterized by difficulty with communication and social interactions. This course will help you better understand your grandchild with autism and help you develop strategies for having more positive interactions with him or her. I will also help answer specific questions you may have about your grandchild.


$25.00 per person or $40.00 for two



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Richmond Autism Connection presents

Richmond Autism Connection presents


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