Sushi Course: Traditional Maki 101

Traditional Maki 101


Friday, August 9th / 6:00-7:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Kevin Wilson

Kevin is the managing partner of Sticky ToGoGo, the carry-out and catering portion of Richmond’s beloved Sticky Rice.  He has been rolling sushi for over 10 years and been working professionally in restaurants for nearly 15 years.  “The joy of sushi for me lies in its flexibility, its ability to meld seemingly disparate flavors and techniques into truly beautiful works of edible art,” says Kevin.


In this class you will learn the basic principles needed to successfully create classic maki (sushi rolls) with vegetables and sushi-grade fish including tuna, yellowtail and salmon.  You will be introduced to traditional preparation techniques and the requisite tools of the trade.  As a participant of this class, you will create one conventional sushi roll and one creative roll with ingredients of your choosing.  You will leave with the basic skills needed to experiment with the art of sushi creation at home.





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