Allowing Inner Peace



Tuesday Nights  /  August 6, 13, 20 & 27  /  6:45-8:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Ellwood’s Wellness & Relationship Coach Denise Dolan


We’ve all had days when we wished we didn’t have to deal with one more round of life’s ups and downs; feelings of betrayal or disrespect, a perceived slight from a loved one, a threatening gesture from a co-worker, bad news in the community, unresolved politics, or injustices that leave harmless souls at stake, maybe even yours.

Sometimes life’s circumstances can bring out the worst in us and leave us feeling defeated.  Yet be of good cheer, for there is another way, a way of empowerment.

I myself experienced a raging life storm that lasted for five years – not a physical outbreak of Mother Nature, rather a series of circumstances that stripped my sense of self worth, security and confidence…the darkest night of the soul that I have ever experienced.

I quickly realized that I had two choices, I could give up in hopeless despair, and become a victim or focus my attention on what LIFE was asking me to become and grow beyond my experience. Fortunately for me, my loved ones and clients I continue to serve, I chose the latter.

I will reveal practical insights, action tools, and skills that helped me.  I guarantee that these wisdom practices will support you to grow and thrive as the landscape of life changes around you.

  • Learn how to thrive instead of merely survive in a fast moving world that doesn’t always seem to notice you.
  • Discover how to grow beyond circumstances of loss, change and betrayal
  • Discern who you are, without allowing circumstances of the outer world to define you.
  • Begin to experience firsthand how life is always working for you and never against you.

Find out how to allow inner peace in the midst of life’s storms and set yourself free. Come to one session or come to all.


4 Weeks: $95.00

3 Weeks: $75.00

2 Weeks: $55.00



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