The Live Free Group presents: Basics of Supplementation


Monday, July 15th  /  6:00-7:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom

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The Live Free Group

Individualized coaching using Personal Health Assessments, Individualized Health Plans, Grocery Store Tours, High Quality Nutritional Supplements, webinars, on-line training programs, specializing in low-glycemic eating.

Teresa Meadows, mother of four and former model, has been connected to the beauty industry as a make-up artist and skin care specialist.  She became a personal health coach following the recovery of two of her children from toxic metal exposure and undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. Teresa has taught the principles of healthy living at a variety of locations in the Richmond area, including the YMCA.

Janice Rackley, RN, is a Richmond native with a background in family and pediatric nursing and elder care.  Being a  survivor of cancer twice, she had devoted herself to discovering and sharing the principles of healthy living.  Her health coaching practice has a strong emphasis on one to one coaching and accountability, individualized to the client’s specific health needs and concerns.


Join us for this fun and informative presentation about the power of cellular nutrition. Learn how nutritional supplementation can make a difference in your life, and how “just eating right”, is not enough for optimal health.





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