2 Ways To Reduce, Reclaim, & Reverse Disease


Saturday, July 13th / 2-3PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


William Vitalis from New Earth Dynamics and Dr. Martin Katz of Revolution Health Center*


Dr. Bush will discuss a 360 degree effort to combat inflammation and encourage cellular healing.  He will teach us how to do this using Watt-Ahh and Restore.  Watt-Ahh will help hydrate the body while building up the immune system and repairing cell damage.  Restore will help reverse toxicity in the body.  The compounds in Restore will act like a pre-biotic restoring the bowel flora.  For most of us it takes about 3 months to really start seeing the age reversal benefits of these two products.  Dr. Bush will discuss how to get started on the road to Optimum Health!





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*Dr. Bush can no longer make it and is having his partner Dr. Martin Katz take his place.