Purity Organic Coconut Water Bike Giveaway

We LOVE coconut water and by the sales of it, it looks like you do to!  So this month, one of the hottest of the season, Ellwood Thompson’s is giving you the chance to win a FREE bike just for staying hydrated!  Seems to good to be true?  We know…but it’s not, we promise.  Here are the rules of the game.

How to Play:  Take a photo of you enjoying coconut water (hyperlink to purityorganic.com) in whatever way makes sense to you.  It could be after a run, after a “long night” or while at work.  However you enjoy this delicious nectar of the islands, works for us. Then take that picture and do the following:

  1. Post it to your Facebook page and tag us @Ellwood Thompson’s.
  2. Upload it to your Instagram and include #enjoypurity and @ellwoodsrva.
  3. Post the picture on Twitter using #enjoypurity and @Ellwoods and include the picture as well.  Of those that post on all 3 social media outlets, we’ll choose a winner.

How You Win: We will choose a winner from those that posted their pictures on all 3 social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  The winner will be chosen at random but there may be some points given to the most fun and/or creative photo.

*The winner will be announced by July 29th.