Microenvironments: Create a Terrarium


Wednesday, June 19th / 7:30-8:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Shannon Gilbert


Are you mesmerized by plants in glass vessels?  Curious how to create a microenvironment?

Join plant enthusiast Shannon Gilbert, for a fun and laid back class on the art of terrariums.

Materials included in the fee for making a basic terrarium: 4.5 inch glass container, soil, sand, gravel, charcoal, assorted plant starts and a terrarium field guide.  You may bring your own unique container and plants and use the class stones and soil, or you may buy an upgraded container at the class.  If you would like to personalize your microenvironment, you can bring tiny objects like, crystals, figurines, shells.  After this class you will be able to make tiny worlds, which can be used to adorn your favorite indoor space, or amaze your friends and family with these special gifts.





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