Tuesday's Hot Bar 06/18/13

RAW FOODS: Raw Apple Fennel Salad, Raw Kale Salad, Totally Alive Cole Slaw

SOUPS: Roasted Red Pepper Bisque, Potato Leek Soup, Cream of Broccoli, Creamy Tomato Bisque, Vegan Chili, White Bean Soup

VEGAN FOODS: Basmati Rice, Steamed Broccoli, Black Beans, Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/ Kale & Shiitake Mushrooms, Vegan Chickpea Picadillo, Tempeh Bourguignon, Citrus Marinated Tofu, Inguday Tibs, Fasolia, Dinich Wat, Mixed Steamed Vegetables,Peach Crisp

MEAT & SEAFOOD: Sweet & Spicy Pintos & Beef, Braised Pork Belly w/ Lentils & Swiss Chard, Ellwood’s Own Doro Wat, Roasted Pork Loin w/ Pineapple Mojo, Atkilt Be Siga, Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Spanish Chicken, Coq Au Vin Blanc, Loaded Mashed Potatoes