Holistic Health 101


Thursday, May 30th  /  6:00-7:30PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Lyn Clark

Lyn believes that what you eat can affect how you feel, your attitude toward people you encounter, and how you will age. When we eat for health and wellness people around us will notice a difference and want to learn about how they too can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lyn is a holistic nutritionist who is married to a wonderful health enthusiast and professional tennis player. She has three children ages 9 to 19. Her number one goal is to show her clients that Health is Wellness. She enjoys yoga, creating healthy meals, and spending time with her clients. Teaching seminars, cooking classes, and making homemade salad dressings are her favorite pastimes.

Lyn earned her degree from Integrative Institute for Nutrition in New York City. Most of the time you will find Lyn reading the latest research in health journals so that she can keep her clients up to date on current health news.


Today we are overfed but undernourished!  Come and learn how to start achieving optimum health, abundant energy, and how to achieve your ideal body weight. Choosing which foods to eat is important, but other lifestyle factors must be addressed as well. Besides making better food choices, there are four other key factors you must consider if you want to achieve your optimal level of health.





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