Nipple & Areola Re-Pigmentation Tattoo Discussion & Presentation


Monday, April 29th  /  7:00-8:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Amy Black, Trademark Tattoo

Amy Black has owned and operated her private by appointment tattoo studio in Carytown since 2000. In 2011 she began assisting patients seeking realistic and 3-dimensional looking tattoo options for their nipple and areola reconstruction options post-mastectomy. Ms. Black is proud to do this service at the highly renowned medical offices of Richmond Plastic Surgeons by Bon Secours, and also with Dr. Nadia Blanchet. She also takes patients independently for this at her Carytown studio Trademark Tattoo. Proud to be voted Richmond’s Best Tattoo Artist by Style Weekly Readers Poll 2011 & 2012, one of Richmond Magazine’s Best Tattoo Parlors 2012, and has received multiple media coverage from local NBC affiliate NBC12’s Curt Autry, and WTVR-8 on her nipple tattoo services as well as national and local magazine articles on her regular tattooing and nipple tattooing.


Photo presentation followed by Q&A for nipple & areola tattoo/repigmentation for breast cancer and BRCA 1/2 clients interested in options for their breast reconstruction post mastectomy. This is open to the public(virtual meeting for up to 25 participants who qualify is being worked on), and will be for anyone curious about the general process, different client’s tattoo results and approaches and more. this is NOT an instructional on how to do the tattooing, this is only covering information for the patients education. this will cover the tattoo process/results only and not any surgical procedures that would need to be directed to a plastic surgeon and/or nurse.





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