Vote For The Bar!

We know the importance of healthy food on the go. Being able to grab something that’s nutritionally dense, filling, and still tastes good when you’re in a rush is a convenience we can easily forget about. We’re always in search of the perfect food bar, something that can fill the void of specific diets and like we said, tastes good. Thus, we’ve decided to create our own foo bar. A bar that’s filled with organic ingredients, packed with nutrition, and tastes great! The only catch is that we’re not sure what to call it, and that’s where we need your help!

Here’s all you have to do:

1. If you’re in the store, visit the customer service desk and fill out a voter ballot. If you’d like to vote from the comfort of your computer, email your choice from the above choices to with the subject line “Vote For The Bar“. Please make sure to include your name and zip code in the body, along with your vote.

2. After the voting period is over, we’ll be selecting 5 random people that will receive a $5.00 gift card to the store just for voting!