Tuesday's Hot Bar 03/05/13

RAW FOODS: pickled zucchini, raw kale salad, sweet potato and cabbage slaw

SOUPS: cream of asparagus, turkey chili, potato horseradish, carrot ginger, tomato vegetable

VEGAN FOODS: stewed seitan with tomatoes and spinach, Greek quinoa, buffalo vegan bites, mock beef with shiitake broth, black beans, basmati rice, misir wat, ginger garlic cabbage, bedelijan, dinich wat, mixed steamed vegetables, ater kick alicha, steamed broccoli

MEAT & SEAFOOD: kung pao chicken, dill encrusted spicy trout, pulled pork BBQ, artichoke chicken, chicken-mushroom and eggplant stew, Sicilian lasagna

VEGETARIAN: whole wheat buns, apple crumble

*Hot bar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.