Water For Health


Monday, March 4th /  6:15PM-8:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Dr. Ani Hristova

ANNA HRISTOVA, MD: is one of the very rare practitioners nowadays, who combines an extensive and deep knowledge of traditional and non-traditional medicine with a compassionate heart. She has 24 years of practice and training in some of the best Universities in USA and abroad and 30 years of esoteric training and practices on three continents. She teaches non-invasive, non-toxic techniques to assist health and healing. Her dynamic and interactive lectures will provide you with a practical knowledge for every day use. Her nick name is the non-formal “Dr. Ani”.


Water is one of the most powerful substances on the Earth. As liquid it penetrates our cells faster then food and affects our wellbeing to the core. Water is an information carrier. The imprints it caries can be beneficial or detrimental. In this lecture you will learn what inside the water you drink or shower may not be beneficial for you and how you can use water in the process of healing and maintaining the physical balance of your body.





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Call the customer service desk at 804-359-7525 or contact Dr. Ani at DrAni@yourfuturemedicine.com or call her at 804-349-8900.