Identifying and Pacifying Your Ayurvedic Dosha


Sunday, March 3rd  /  2:00-3:00PM


Ellwood’s Community Classroom


Gananath Amritananda Swamiji

Gananath Amritananda (or “Swamiji” as he is called by his students) has practiced and taught Ayurveda for about eight years.  In his Ayurvedic practice, Swamiji has specialized in working with mental health issues, trauma, infertility, nervous system dis-orders, spiritual disorders, and “incurable” conditions in general.  He is the director of the Soma Matha School of Ayurveda and the Shakambhari Ayurvedic Botanical Garden both based in Richmond.  Swamiji directs certification courses in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.  He teaches Ayurveda to Yoga Teachers in training at the 4025 Yoga Studio in Richmond where he has helped to develop the program’s unique, in-depth study of Ayurveda.  Swamiji grows and sells Ayurvedic and Appalachian medicinal plants and runs an herb company, Devi Herbs, producing high quality, traditional Ayurvedic herbal preparations.  He works to educate people about the critical threat to wild Ayurvedic herb plants in India and is working with various herbs farms throughout the US to cultivate some important, threatened Ayurvedic species in the US.  Swamiji is considered a master of Ayurvedic Herbology and is currently writing a book on the subject of traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulas.


This class introduces the basic Ayurvedic concept of the three doshas (or bodily constitutions). The three doshas exist in all people according to Ayurveda, and their balance is the key to health, happiness, and longevity. This class teaches how to identify the signs of the various doshas in your own body and how to balance the doshas using foods, herbs, meditation, yoga practices, and lifestyle routines.





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