Saturday's Hot Bar 2/23/2013

RAW FOODS: living cole slaw, raw kale salad, raw broccoli-sunflower salad

SOUPS: tomato bisque, tomato vegetable soup, vegan chili, turkey chili, curried carrot and coconut milk soup

VEGAN FOODS: vegan loaded mashed potatoes, malabars lemon rice, chickpea and artichoke salad, ellwood’s famous buffalo bites, basmati rice, black beans, garlic rosemary squash, garlic and lemon asparagus, pueblo corn pie, steamed broccoli

MEAT & SEAFOOD: garlic roasted chicken with charred tomato salsa, smoked tomato mac and cheese, sarsaparilla braised pork, white hominy and pintos, polenta, spicy dill encrusted trout, chicken mushroom and eggplant stew, frou frou provence pork loin

VEGGIE: lemon green beans with pine nuts, cheesy brussel sprout gratin, apple crumble

*Hot bar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.