TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat


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10:30AM – 12:05PM

Session 1 – INFORM

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TEDTalk Video TBA

Speaker Intro: Diane Hatz  /  LaDonna Redmond Food Justice

Speaker Intro: Melony Samuels  /  Fred Bahnson Food and faith movement

Speaker Intro: Urvashi Rangan  /  Simran Sethi Saving seeds by growing food

Film Clip “Standing GroudDiane and Marlene Halverson

Speaker Intro: Paul Lightfoot  /  Gary Hirshberg GMOs and lack of studies

Speaker Intro: Gary Oppenheimer  /  Tama Matsuoka Wong Foraging weeds


1:20PM – 3:15PM

Session 2 – EDUCATE

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Video Intro: Stephen Ritz  /  Video Building the TEDxManhattan Sign

Speaker Intro: William Li  /  Anna Lappe Marketing food to children

Speaker Intro: Marianne Cufone  /  Annemarie Colbin How to think about food

Speaker Intro: David Wallinga  /  Peter Lehner Food waste and enegry

Speaker Intro: Wenonah Hauter  /  Steve Wing Community Health Impacts of Factory Farms

Speaker Intro: Karen Hudson  /  Peter Hoffman Energy and Agirculture

Speaker Intro: Michel Nischan  /  Bill Yosses Food knowledge and how food affects our health


3:45PM – 5:35PM

Session 3 – EMPOWER

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Speaker Intro: Curt Ellis  /  Maisie Greenawalt The realities of a large company going sustainable

Speaker Intro: Cheryl Rogowski  /  Lindsey Lusher Shute Young farmers

Speaker Intro: Kavita Shukla  /  Cheryl Kollin Farm to Freezer

Speaker Intro: Frederick Kaufman  /  Ann Cooper School food

Speaker Intro: Majora Carter  /  David McInerney Good food should taste great