Monday's Hot Bar 02/04/13

RAW FOODS: parsnip & carrot salad, raw kale salad, raw cole slaw

SOUPS: cream of asparagus, cream of mushroom soup, truffled cauliflower soup, split pea soup

VEGAN FOODS: buffalo vegan bites, sweet n sour tempeh, chickpea masala, quinoa with kale and sweet potatoes, black beans, basmati rice, ater kik alicha, dinich wat, roasted tatties and neeps, misir wat, bedelijan, ginger-garlic cabbage, gomen, steamed broccoli

VEGETARIAN: garlic-rosemary mashed potatoes, apple crumble

MEAT & SEAFOOD: doro wat, inguday tibs, green chili & lime chicken, artichoke chicken, Sicilian lasagna

*Hotbar dishes are subject to change throughout the day without notice.